A lot of the time when we’re craving something, really craving it, it’s because we’re missing something. Our body is telling us that we are missing a nutrient. And to get that nutrient our body is going to get it by having us crave something that will deliver it.


If we look at what we’re craving we can usually find the root to what our body is really looking for. For example, bread is a great source of nitrogen. But so is chicken or may protein sources. Craving chocolate means we’re needing some magnesium. We can find more magnesium in dark chocolate, but also in almonds. Craving coffee and tea, beyond a cup in the morning, means we may need to bring our iron levels up. And craving sweets, who doesn’t crave sweets at some point. Craving sweets could mean that you’re low in tryptophan. Tryptophan becomes serotonin in our bodies, the happy chemical in our brains. If you’re craving sweets, fill up on tryptophan rich foods, like eggs, turkey, pineapple and nuts.

When we listen to our cravings and look into what we might be missing, we are being more purposeful with our nutrition. Everyone is going to have cravings, but if we fulfill our cravings with healthy options that address the source of what’s missing, we will start to crave the source. If we fill our bread craving with some roasted chicken, or our chocolate craving with almonds or pumpkin seeds, our body will start to crave those things.