Too busy to cook? Really?

We are all busy in different ways. Are we too busy to cook? I think what it comes down to is priorities. What is most important to us? Is our health and the health of those around us, important to us? Do we care where our food comes from? Do we care what effect food has on our body during and after we eat it? The documentary, “Food Inc.” brought up a great point. “Every time we make a purchase we are voting.” Wow. That is powerful and very true. Every food purchase is also a vote of support for the method of production that was used. That means that every time we purchase from a local farmer or buy organic food we are saying we want more of that food to be produced.

When patients look at what I recommend for them to eat they may say, “ what am I going to eat” or ‘ what is left to eat?”. The answer is real food. Not processed. We have become dependent on foods that are filled with chemicals and preservative. We dependent on it to keep up with our hectic schedules. But how normal is it to be too busy to cook and prepare our own food? Do you have a chemical tongue? My friend and whole foods expert, Coralie Murphy often asks the members of her Cleansing groups.

It takes time, yes it does. It takes time to learn to cook with whole foods. But my friends I assure you it is worth it. You are supporting so many good things such as local farmers, a way of growing vegetables and raising animals that is kind to the earth, animals and ourselves. You are voting for less chemicals to be produced and that means less pollution. And guess what? You are voting for a healthier body and mind for yourself. Chronic illness is a result of poor diet and high stress. We don’t have to keep searching. We can look for the answers on our plate. If you want to feel different, eat different. Yes, slow down and cook. Decrease your stress by slowing down and then you can cook to improve your health! What will you do with the extra energy?