Almond flour is a great alternative for someone following a paleo lifestyle or ketogenic diet.  It can replace regular wheat flour if you are looking for wheat free or low carb option for cooking and baking.

almond flour, your guide to optimal healthAlmond flour is low glycemic so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar.  It is great for someone with diabetes.

Almonds are high in healthy fat like omega 3 and omega 6 and in high in protein. They are also anti-inflammatory. By consuming almonds, you decrease the risk of any changes in the colon which could lead to colon cancer.

When you buy almond flour, consider that you’re buying a multi mineral vitamin. Almonds are high in copper, Vit E, manganese, high in omega 3s and omega 6 fatty acids. It benefits the heart and helps circulation.

After opening, keep it in the fridge. They stay fresher in the fridge and oxidize less.

While it is more expensive to use for cooking and baking, when you invest in your health by using almond flour over an alternative, you’re investing a disease-prevention food and one that is high in protein and healthy fat.

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