In my practice, energy is the number one thing that I treat. 75-85% of my patients say they want better energy to change their health and their life.  

One thing I see with my patients is they’re not getting enough protein in their diets and their energy is quickly zapped by mid-afternoon.

Without protein, we tend to eat more carbs. Simple carbs will increase your calories and insulin. Insulin stores fat so an increase in carbs will increase belly fat. Our bodies are wired for survival and will store excess carbs around our mid-section. A hundred years ago, this was great for easy access to stored food in case supply was low. Today, we don’t need the extra carbs and usually consume too many.

We were made to consume protein and not so many simple carbs, unless you are exercising hours a day and burning it off. We need to incorporate protein into every meal throughout the day. Meat, eggs, legumes are all great sources of protein.

If you are a poor sleeper, you may get fatigued by the afternoon.  Then, we reach for stimulants like caffeine and simple carbs,and our insulin goes up.  We feel good in the evening, but then can’t get into a deep sleep. Caffeine can stay in our systems up to eight hours after consumption so a mid-afternoon stimulant can wreak havoc on our sleep cycles. You get up the next day and you’ll hit that afternoon slump again because your body didn’t get the 8 hours it needed. And then the cycle continues.protein, energy, hormone health

Let’s break this cycle of zapped energy by making some easy changes to our lifestyle, and one of the first steps I take with clients is to make sure their protein intake is up. Protein keeps us satiated for longer periods of time and releases insulin at a normal rate. Remember to have some protein at every meal and keep snacks on hand like almonds, hummus, and walnuts.

We can all struggle with energy at times and when we lack it, depression can go up, especially this time of year. Lay the foundation for yourself by making little changes every day.

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