This Episode is on Trusting Your Body During Pregnancy with Lively Guest Coralie Murphy, RMT and founder of Journey Alive, a Program has changed the health of thousands of individuals through a plant-strong diet.Listen in was Dr. Glenna and Coralie discuss the important of intuition in this time of your life.

Trusting Your Body During Pregnancy- RX for Balance Episode With Dr. Glenna and Coralie Murphy, RMT

The Cycle of Life Episode on RX for Balance with Dr. Glenna and Katharina Reed ( DONA)

Listen in with RX for Balance’s Host Dr. Glenna with Sean Gisler, Psychologist as they speak on the importance of nourishing Mental Health, Happiness, Our children’s future and more.

Listen in as Dr. Calder interviews Dr. Rade on Biomedical Approaches to Autism. They discuss  the gut connection with Autism and how different diagnostic tests will narrow in on the most useful treatment protocols to help those on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Dr. Rade does a brilliant job of summarizing the advanced naturopathic approaches to Autism.


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Coralie is a holistic thinker and is able to simplify complex concepts about our health. She will explain the connection between the Shikimate pathway, our gastrointestinal and immune health. Dr.Glenna and Coralie will talk about how genetically modified foods contribute to chronic illness and weakened cells. Coralie will explain why choosing organic is so important and how our food choices affect our health, the health of our planet, the children being born today and our future generations.

Dr. Glenna interviewing Coralie Murphy, RMT 

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