In my practice, energy is the number one thing that I treat. 75-85% of my patients say they want better energy to change their health and their life.  

One thing I see with my patients is they’re not getting enough protein in their diets and their energy is quickly zapped by mid-afternoon.

Without protein, we tend to eat more carbs. Simple carbs will increase your calories and insulin. Insulin stores fat so an increase in carbs will increase belly fat. Our bodies are wired for survival and will store excess carbs around our mid-section. A hundred years ago, this was great for easy access to stored food in case supply was low. Today, we don’t need the extra carbs and usually consume too many.

We were made to consume protein and not so many simple carbs, unless you are exercising hours a day and burning it off. We need to incorporate protein into every meal throughout the day. Meat, eggs, legumes are all great sources of protein.

If you are a poor sleeper, you may get fatigued by the afternoon.  Then, we reach for stimulants like caffeine and simple carbs,and our insulin goes up.  We feel good in the evening, but then can’t get into a deep sleep. Caffeine can stay in our systems up to eight hours after consumption so a mid-afternoon stimulant can wreak havoc on our sleep cycles. You get up the next day and you’ll hit that afternoon slump again because your body didn’t get the 8 hours it needed. And then the cycle continues.protein, energy, hormone health

Let’s break this cycle of zapped energy by making some easy changes to our lifestyle, and one of the first steps I take with clients is to make sure their protein intake is up. Protein keeps us satiated for longer periods of time and releases insulin at a normal rate. Remember to have some protein at every meal and keep snacks on hand like almonds, hummus, and walnuts.

We can all struggle with energy at times and when we lack it, depression can go up, especially this time of year. Lay the foundation for yourself by making little changes every day.

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What happens to your mood, weight and emotions in December?

In my practice and program, Optimal Health with Dr. Glenna, I am passionate about equipping women with the tools to look and feel their best which will empower them to strive to reach the truest, highest and healthiest version of themselves. One of the ways I support women is to address health and weight gain concerns.

Let’s talk about what we all might be dreading…HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN!  It’s such an exciting time of year starting with Halloween this week, but it’s also the time of year where we can easily pack on the pounds. We might be stress or comfort eating, or simply relaxing more with our families at parties, and before we know it, 10lbs can creep eating, holiday weight gain

Why the 10 lbs weight gain in only a few weeks?

Don’t fear December this year! I’m going to talk you through how we can prevent the unhealthy weight gain, the guilt, the mood swings and more that can take us months to recover from physically!

Guilt and stress play a huge role in weight increasing. Stress can lead to mindless eating which causes us to not enjoy the holiday food but feel guilty which leads to more stress and unwanted weight gain and food cravings. Additionally, the comfort foods we crave are usually high in sugar and unhealthy fats and contribute to unhealthy weight gain, estrogen dominance, a suppressed immune system and increased inflammation.

Having small amounts of those foods will not harm us when we are healthy but when we are have a leaky gut, food sensitivities or hormones that are deficient or in excess even small amounts of these foods will cause symptoms such as headaches, poor sleep, frequent colds, bloating, and bowel irregularities to name a few.

The mid December crash can occur even after only a few weeks of multitasking, attending concerts, early family get -together’s, or eating too many holidays treats,  Plan to enjoy the holiday parties and decide what you will have and don’t stress about the rest! One idea is to not start holiday eating until close to the holidays. Keep the first two weeks in December filled with real, whole foods that will support you during the holidays.

We also gain weight because we’re overwhelmed. The key is to begin eating well in November so you can begin December feeling good. Start the holiday season feeling comfortable in your own body, feeling rested so you have some wiggle room for the parties, and maintaining a positive outlook. All of these will help you conquer the holidays and help you enjoy them more. If you find that you’re having trouble coping with a busy December, rest, drink more water, and get enough protein from your diet. Avoid caffeine, sweets and alcohol. Eat really well the first two weeks in December, and then give yourself time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

What can you do for yourself?

Get on track in November. That is why I am offering my Optimal Health with Dr. Glenna program for November, which is the last time the program will be offered in 2017!  

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It includes 4 week of a weekly meal plan, recipes, education on our bodies, recommendations for a healthy life and a group of like-minded women to hold you accountable and share your wins and struggles.

This is YOUR time to end 2017 living your best self!

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Almond flour is a great alternative for someone following a paleo lifestyle or ketogenic diet.  It can replace regular wheat flour if you are looking for wheat free or low carb option for cooking and baking.

almond flour, your guide to optimal healthAlmond flour is low glycemic so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar.  It is great for someone with diabetes.

Almonds are high in healthy fat like omega 3 and omega 6 and in high in protein. They are also anti-inflammatory. By consuming almonds, you decrease the risk of any changes in the colon which could lead to colon cancer.

When you buy almond flour, consider that you’re buying a multi mineral vitamin. Almonds are high in copper, Vit E, manganese, high in omega 3s and omega 6 fatty acids. It benefits the heart and helps circulation.

After opening, keep it in the fridge. They stay fresher in the fridge and oxidize less.

While it is more expensive to use for cooking and baking, when you invest in your health by using almond flour over an alternative, you’re investing a disease-prevention food and one that is high in protein and healthy fat.

For more information on healthy alternatives in cooking and baking, sign up for my latest Your Guide to Optimal Health.  Prep week starts October 30th!


Meal prepping can be intimidating to some, but once you get into the habit of it, it can lead to success in multiple areas of your life. When you start eating better, which comes from planning and prepping ahead, you will feel better.  Your productivity will go up, as will your mood.  Below, I’m giving you ten tips to make meal prep less daunting so you can reap all the benefits for your life.

meal prep, time saver, meal

  1. Make Time – Look at your week ahead. When are you free to meal prep each week?  Write that into your schedule.  Schedule at least a 2 hour window into the day you pick to meal prep.
  2. Double It – It’s more efficient to make double or triple the recipe and freeze for later. Make chili or soups and batch them up in the freezer.
  3. Freezer Friendly – For quick meals or last minute dishes, stock up on frozen veggies. Also make meals you can stock in the freezer.
  4. Good Storage Containers – Invest in quality containers; buy glass and things you can see inside of or label.
  5. Make a List – You’ll save time at the store and not be wandering in the grocery aisles if you have and stick to a list.. Use your meal prep time to make a list. A list also prevents you from overbuying.
  6. Chop in Bulk – After you buy all your veggies, it’s just as easy to chop all of your carros than to chop one. Save your time and chop ahead of time.
  7. Use Grains –  Rice, quinoa and oats (when made) last 2-3 days in the fridge. I love making overnight oats for breakfast and having that on hand in the morning without having to think about it.
  8. Label Everything – Use a marker to label your freezer foods with the name of it and the date you made it.  Also label your chopped up fruits and veggies if they’re not in a clear container.
  9. Buy in Bulk – If you know you’re going to use it, buy things in bulk and make sure to use it within the month. Rice, quinoa do not go bad and are great staples to have on hand.
  10. Create Meals Ahead of Time – For breakfast, again, use overnight oats, chia pudding, and egg muffins.  For lunch, a mason jar salad is perfect for all in one veggies and protein. Hard boiled eggs are a great snack to have. For dinner, the crockpot is a huge time saver if you plan out your meals.  Below you will find some of these recipes.



Overnight oats

Freezer oatmeal cups

Chia pudding

Egg Muffins


Mason Jar Salads

Hard Boiled Eggs


Fruit and Veggies

Trail Mix

Yogurt Parfaits



Slow Cooker Recipes

Stir Fry Freezer Meals


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Today, I’m sharing a Switzel drink with you!  This recipe has been around for years and years and is perfect for the fall months. It is tasty, good for you, and great for your family’s health.  

With four simple ingredients, that you most likely have on hand, you can get tremendous health benefits like improved digestion, balancing blood sugar, and curbing cravings.

acv drink; switzel; health detoxThe main ingredient is apple cider vinegar (ACV)  For this drink, you may use whatever kind you want, but as always, unpasteurized and organic is ideal.

Apple cider vinegar helps foster the good bugs in your body. While it is acidic, it creates an alkaline environment in the body once digested, and fosters the growth of good bugs in the body. The fermentation process starts with sugar from apples and mixing it with yeast. The yeast eats the sugar up. The yeast produces the good bacteria. ACV helps with digestion, heartburn and balances your pH.

ACV is also a great source of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral we’re most deficient in and it reaches up to 300 hundred different pathways in the body.

This gentle detox is the perfect combination to balance blood sugar, get your lymphatic system going, and curb your cravings. It’s a great drink to have before meals for this reason!

You will need:

1 cup of hot water


¼ teaspoon of cinnamon

1 ½ teaspoons of raw honey

**you can also replace the same amounts of cinnamon with ginger and honey with maple syrup

Mix in a shaker cup and pour into a mug. This is a great recipe to make, leave in the fridge, and warm up on the stove when you need a boost. Enjoy!


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In health,

Dr. Glenna