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NEW PODCAST: “Walk the Talk to Health and Well Being” Episode #3: 9 Tips to Sustain a Healthy Sense of Community in Your Life. Airs on Thurs, Feb 25, 2016 @8:30pm AST on BlogTalkRadio:
Are you part of a community? If yes, is it a good fit for you or are you simply going through the motions? If these questions make you squint your eyes and pause for a moment, then perhaps it is a good time to examine how community shows up in your life … and how you show up for your community.
In this episode, Mildred Lynn and Dr Glenna will share nine reflective questions they use on a regular basis to help them decide if a community is right for them (or not). In addition, they will also generously offer their personal experiences, learnings, and pitfalls based on these nine key questions.
Here are the nine questions:
1. What do you value in community?
2. Do you identify with your community?
3. How much do you contribute to the community?
4. How do you monitor your participation?
5. How do you adjust your role?
6. How do you deal with changes in community focus?
7. Do you have clear boundaries?
8. What is the best way to use your voice in community?
9. When is it time to leave your community?
This episode is #3 in a six-episode series. We hope that you will join us for all six shows and share the knowledge, wisdom and positive energy with others!
“Walk the Talk to Health & Well Being” airs the FOUTH THURSDAY of the month @8:30pm AST, so mark your calendars. If you find this episode useful, please pass this link along to others.