Fall-exerciseStaying in Balance- the ‘Trick’ to Staying Active..

As the weather turns cooler and the summer days are behind us, we may be tempted to stay in doors and go within. We need to remember “Balance”. This fall weather is a transition to colder days. The trick to staying active all year round is to not stop when the weather or our daily schedule changes such as when we vacation or travel. These are key times to stay active. Ironically, these are times we tend to sit more, eat more and maybe drink more. Balancing rich food, long travel times on airplanes or in cars with a nice walk, 15 minutes of yoga alongside our bed or a nice swim at the hotel pool will help ensure our sleep, mood and momentum don’t go downhill.

I find when I travel, I need a run, a walk, a workout at the gym even more than in my regular routine to get a break from a seminar, or other stimulation that is the purpose of the time away. Without this break my mind isn’t as clear and is easily distracted.

With three small children the time to exercise is less than before and I smile at Karma because I never understood mothers who said they didn’t have time to exercise. Thank you for my lesson! My perspective of a “workout” had to change or rather what I felt I needed in a workout has changed. 10 years ago I could push myself and workout hard because I didn’t have to push at top speed until 9 or 10 pm at night and start all over at 6 am. But now I need to be careful I don’t push too hard because I don’t know if I will get interrupted that night and not sleep more than 4 hours in a row. And being a mother is a physical job when you spend time with your kids while they are young. But mother nature has taken care of this, often 20 minutes is what I can fit in my schedule and not daily. But in those 20 minutes I focus not only on my physical health but my spiritual and emotional health as well. As a Naturopathic Doctor I know how interconnected all levels of my health are. My thoughts affect my physical body by altering hormones, metabolism and neurotransmitters. So instead of physically pushing myself to the point of exhaustion I know I can get a more holistic workout by meditating as I walk or by stopping and watching the waves hit the sand and breathing in the salt air. I can feel my cortisol lowering and my jaw, my shoulders and other muscles relax.

I a grateful for the changes mother nature invites into our lives just when we need it!

May you have a wonderfully invigorating fall day in whichever way supports you!