Meal prepping can be intimidating to some, but once you get into the habit of it, it can lead to success in multiple areas of your life. When you start eating better, which comes from planning and prepping ahead, you will feel better.  Your productivity will go up, as will your mood.  Below, I’m giving you ten tips to make meal prep less daunting so you can reap all the benefits for your life.

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  1. Make Time – Look at your week ahead. When are you free to meal prep each week?  Write that into your schedule.  Schedule at least a 2 hour window into the day you pick to meal prep.
  2. Double It – It’s more efficient to make double or triple the recipe and freeze for later. Make chili or soups and batch them up in the freezer.
  3. Freezer Friendly – For quick meals or last minute dishes, stock up on frozen veggies. Also make meals you can stock in the freezer.
  4. Good Storage Containers – Invest in quality containers; buy glass and things you can see inside of or label.
  5. Make a List – You’ll save time at the store and not be wandering in the grocery aisles if you have and stick to a list.. Use your meal prep time to make a list. A list also prevents you from overbuying.
  6. Chop in Bulk – After you buy all your veggies, it’s just as easy to chop all of your carros than to chop one. Save your time and chop ahead of time.
  7. Use Grains –  Rice, quinoa and oats (when made) last 2-3 days in the fridge. I love making overnight oats for breakfast and having that on hand in the morning without having to think about it.
  8. Label Everything – Use a marker to label your freezer foods with the name of it and the date you made it.  Also label your chopped up fruits and veggies if they’re not in a clear container.
  9. Buy in Bulk – If you know you’re going to use it, buy things in bulk and make sure to use it within the month. Rice, quinoa do not go bad and are great staples to have on hand.
  10. Create Meals Ahead of Time – For breakfast, again, use overnight oats, chia pudding, and egg muffins.  For lunch, a mason jar salad is perfect for all in one veggies and protein. Hard boiled eggs are a great snack to have. For dinner, the crockpot is a huge time saver if you plan out your meals.  Below you will find some of these recipes.



Overnight oats

Freezer oatmeal cups

Chia pudding

Egg Muffins


Mason Jar Salads

Hard Boiled Eggs


Fruit and Veggies

Trail Mix

Yogurt Parfaits



Slow Cooker Recipes

Stir Fry Freezer Meals


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